Blue Labelle
Michelle Callaghan F.H.T. I.I.H.H.T. B.F.R.P. Cert. S.T.

Would you like to perform to your full potential, reduce the risk of injury, enhance recovery or just enjoy a pain free life?
The responsibility for our health lies with ourselves. Michelle

A sensible approach to diet and exercise is the key to a healthy equilibrium within our own mind, body and spirit.

I welcome you to try one my treatments and share the experience and knowledge I have attained from around the world with many teachers and instructors. The gentle therapies I offer really can make a difference.

Relieve tension, reduce aches and pain, enhance good health and overall well being for all ages.

Aims to bring relaxation and pain relief to clients through a natural and holistic approach.

 A full description of each therapy is given on the site, so please have a look through and contact Michelle for a consultation.