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Massage can assist many physical and emotional
conditions and promotes natural healing.
Swedish massage
Swedish massage uses techniques to increase circulation and stimulate blood flow. Aromatherapy oils are not used.
Aromatherapy massage
Uses therapeutic oils to enhance healing and relaxation the technique is applied using gentle stokes and a blend of oil to suit the individual needs of the client.
Acupressure massage
Can help release muscular tension which may effect human movement and promote energy flow within the meridians.
Lymphatic massage
Lymph is the body waste system and gentle repetitive stokes towards lymph nodes helps eliminate the body's waste it also helps break down cellulite and strengthens the body's immune system.
Chair Massage
On site Chair massage is available for One off Hire or Corporate events.
Advanced Clinical Massage.
Advanced Clinical Massage summary of the Jing method of Massage fusion a multi module approach.
The Jing method of treating pain in 1-6 weekly treatments.

A fusion of powerful but relaxing massage with heat or cold treating muscles with fascial amma, finding the precise trigger points, treating the relevant acupressure points with PNF (isolated stretching) and MFR (myofascial release ) finishing with self-help stretching exercises.

A wonderful treatment with specific protocols for treating muscular skeletal ailments.

Advanced Clinical Massage can help with the following ailments:

  • Lower back pain
  • Neck and upper shoulder pain
  • Shoulder Girdle pain
  • Carpel tunnel wrist and arm pain
  • TMJ Pain
Blue Labelle Organic Skin Care Products. Labelle Organic Skin Care Products.
Michelle is now pleased to offer her clients the experience of a treatment using local, award winning skin care products made by Pascale Labelle.

Blue Labelle organic skin care and massage oils are amazing, I have been using them myself for several years. Recently I have added a hand made travel soap to my collection, made from Rhassoul clay and orange blossom, it leaves my skin feeling clean and smelling heavenly !

Blue Labelle's plant based products have gone from natural to organic, this progression displays the passion and commitment of Pascale. She holds an advanced diploma from Formula Botanica in organic skin care science and formulation, as well as a Bsc in Business Management.

None of Blue Labelle's products are tested on animals and no animal ingredients are used. All blends are registered by the Vegan Society.

Blue Labelle products have been featured in Vouge, The Telegraph magazine, Veggie magazine, Vegan Life and Top Sante.

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